5 Fun Facts

My sister has this game she likes to play.  She asks you to list 5 fun facts about yourself.  It could be funny, unusual or something not many people know.  I see why she does it.  It’s actually really amusing.   You never know what you’ll learn about people…  Even some of my closest friends surprised me with their answers.

My 5 Fun Facts:

1. I’ve only broken one bone.  It was my collar bone and I broke it ninth grade… by falling on grass…. from ground level.

2. Not including my wisdom teeth, I’ve had 10 teeth pulled. I had five pulled in grade 5, one in grade 6, and four in grade 9.

3. I like listening to music that I don’t understand.  I have French and Italian songs on my iPod.

4. I’m one of those lame people that writes in diaries.  I wrote in one off and on for 11 years and now I’ve started a new one.  If you’re part of my life, you’re probably in it.  Sorry.

5. Some people hear certain songs and think of specific memories. I do that with playlists.  Currently, my iPod has 78… and that’s after deleting some.


25 Awesome Things To Do With Your Group Of Friends

For those nights when you need something new to do.

Thought Catalog

25 Awesome Things To Do With Your Group Of Friends

1. Go to a dive bar or a place that isn’t your usual hangout. No MacLaren’s Pub where you’re regular attendees — have a one-night stand with some hole-in-the-wall joint.

2. Sit down together and have a clip show. You know, the flashback episode where everyone sits around discussing the funniest, craziest memories of your ensemble’s prior seasons.

3. Split your group in half and engage in a weekend long prank war.

4. Write, film and edit a short sketch or film. It doesn’t have to be perfectly professional looking, just let your creative, carefree juices flow and make something happen, even if it’s recorded via a cellphone camera.

5. Laser tag. Seriously, this is an underappreciated game and there’s no age limit, despite what the angry parents said after I annihilated their children in an intense bout last weekend.

6. Take advantage of a restaurant’s happy hour and place all…

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Dear Customers (June 18th)


Dear customers, I’m sorry, but rolling your eyes at me won’t make the price change.

Dear customers, shoes are not one size fits all.  Please just ask for your size rather than attempt to fit your size 9 foot into the size 5.5 display shoe.

Dear customers, please don’t climb the shelves.

Dear customers, please ask your children to refrain from running out the door with the display shoes.

Dear customers, no… In a buy one, get 2 free sale, you can’t just pay for the cheapest pair.

Dear customers, for the 3rd time, we only display the right side of each pair. Please stop attempting to try on both right-foot shoes.

Dear customers, no… In a buy one, get 2 free sale, you can’t get the 4th pair half off.

Dear customers, no, I cannot do holds because of the sale. No… I can’t hold it for just a few hours. That would be putting it on hold.

Step One

This is the third summer that I have said I am going to start a blog.  Today, I decided that it was about time I got around to it.  I always figured writing the first post would be the most difficult part, but I was wrong.  The most difficult part would be actually setting up the blog.

Apparently, WordPress isn’t like Facebook or Twitter.  You don’t just type in your information, choose a profile picture and start looking for people to receive updates from.  No… with WordPress, you type in your email, username and password and when you advance to the next screen, it’s pick a theme, set up menus, something about links, something else about categories and another thing about widgets.

After looping around through menus that led to other menus about personalizing and customizing my blog, I realized starting a blog is more complicated than I expected. So, I’m taking it step by step.  I decided the first one would be to create a post.

Step One: Complete.