Dear Customers (October 6th)

It’s been a while since I’ve complained about my customers…  weird since that’s one of my favourite pastimes.

Dear customers, no… In a buy one, get two free sale, you can’t pick two pairs now and come back another day for the third.

Dear customers, if you’re wearing crocs, I will not take you seriously.

Dear customers, if you’re going to stay fifteen minutes after close, at least buy something.

Dear customers, please don’t let your kids smear ice cream all over my couch.

Dear customers, yes you have to pay tax.  No, paying in cash does not change that.

Dear customers, cut the sass and stop rolling your eyes at me.  I didn’t price the shoes.

Dear customers, stop mumbling.  Use your words.  I can’t help you if I can’t understand you.

Dear customers, all you need to do is tell me the shoes are too big.   Kicking them off at me to prove your point is really unnecessary.

Dear customers, please ask your children to stop jumping on the couches.  And climbing the shelves.  I would also prefer if your 3 year-old wasn’t trying on heels.

Dear customers, I’m sorry, but your child is not allowed to go into the stock room.  Please keep him in the storefront… I’ve already brought him back three times.


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