How do people ever focus in the library?

Like most university students, my calendar is packed with menacing red marks signalling pre-reading week deadlines that I really don’t feel like dealing with.  So naturally, to cope with the stress that is weighing me down, I turned to Netflix.

After spending all of the free time I had the last few days watching Prison Break, falling for the “Next Episode” trap that tests my willpower every 40 minutes, I realized that I needed to find a way to overcome this binge-watch situation and move on to being productive.

My brilliant plan? Read all of the episode summaries for the remaining two seasons I haven’t yet watched.  That seemed smart. If I knew everything that was going to happen, I wouldn’t feel compelled to watch the rest of it, right? Wrong.  I’m too attached the show… I have to watch it to the end– even though I know what that end is.

Knowing that if I tried to do work in my apartment this morning I would just migrate to the couch and push that tempting red Netflix button on the remote, I headed to campus.  I figured if I trapped myself in the library, I would definitely get some work done.

Wrong again…

I don’t know how anyone gets anything done here.  I’m in the newly renovated area on the first floor and this place is FULL of distractions.  The people watching you can do in here is most distracting.  It’s bad enough that you can watch people through the windows that face the quad.  The unusual things in here just make it worse.

Not to sound like I’m writing a boring academic paper, but… for example, s

o many people in here aren’t wearing shoes.  They’re just lounging around without them.  I distracted myself looking around to see how many people I could find without shoes on. My count so far is 5 by the way.

Then there’s the distracting art.

There’s some sort of statue across the room that I just do not understand.  I debated sending a picture to my friend who is in the Fine Arts program at Guelph, because that’s just a great use of my time.

There are also silly little things that redirect your attention… like those damn stools.  There are these rolling stools in the couch area. Every 30 seconds I have to scan the room to see if there’s one available because everyone using them as footrests just looks so comfortable and maybe if I was that comfy, I could get work done.

So that’s my struggle today… working in the library. It really isn’t going well.  Writing this blog post isn’t helping either.  If I knew I wasn’t going to get anything done anyway, I would have just stayed home and watched Prison Break.