11 Things You Must Do To Take Care Of Yourself In This Crazy, Crazy World

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1. Take time off to arrange your desk/bag. Stack loose sheets of paper and tab them accordingly with coloured post-its. Colour-code your files on your laptop, arrange them into a square, a rectangle, a cross or a heart for the ambitious. Sit back and admire your work.

2. Do not sit down and rehash memories about the less crazy days in the past. Happy memories only serve to amplify how crazy life is now, and how much you wish to go back to the good ol’ days. Sad memories just make you sad. Instead, create new memories because you have the power to do so. Keep creating memories because they are fresh and refreshing all at the same time. 

3. Think back on all the little things you never expected to happen today, like the lady who came over to share her umbrella with you under the drizzle when you…

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27 Everyday Decisions Twentysomethings are Really Bad At Making

27 Everyday Decisions Twentysomethings are Really Bad At Making

Not my list.  I stole this brilliant thing off of Buzzfeed.  If you haven’t seen it yet, read it.  You’re probably guilty of most of it.

25 Awesome Things To Do With Your Group Of Friends

For those nights when you need something new to do.

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25 Awesome Things To Do With Your Group Of Friends

1. Go to a dive bar or a place that isn’t your usual hangout. No MacLaren’s Pub where you’re regular attendees — have a one-night stand with some hole-in-the-wall joint.

2. Sit down together and have a clip show. You know, the flashback episode where everyone sits around discussing the funniest, craziest memories of your ensemble’s prior seasons.

3. Split your group in half and engage in a weekend long prank war.

4. Write, film and edit a short sketch or film. It doesn’t have to be perfectly professional looking, just let your creative, carefree juices flow and make something happen, even if it’s recorded via a cellphone camera.

5. Laser tag. Seriously, this is an underappreciated game and there’s no age limit, despite what the angry parents said after I annihilated their children in an intense bout last weekend.

6. Take advantage of a restaurant’s happy hour and place all…

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