5 Fun Facts

My sister has this game she likes to play.  She asks you to list 5 fun facts about yourself.  It could be funny, unusual or something not many people know.  I see why she does it.  It’s actually really amusing.   You never know what you’ll learn about people…  Even some of my closest friends surprised me with their answers.

My 5 Fun Facts:

1. I’ve only broken one bone.  It was my collar bone and I broke it ninth grade… by falling on grass…. from ground level.

2. Not including my wisdom teeth, I’ve had 10 teeth pulled. I had five pulled in grade 5, one in grade 6, and four in grade 9.

3. I like listening to music that I don’t understand.  I have French and Italian songs on my iPod.

4. I’m one of those lame people that writes in diaries.  I wrote in one off and on for 11 years and now I’ve started a new one.  If you’re part of my life, you’re probably in it.  Sorry.

5. Some people hear certain songs and think of specific memories. I do that with playlists.  Currently, my iPod has 78… and that’s after deleting some.