Things I Don’t Understand

Just a few  super important things I’ve been wondering about lately.

1. The obsession with tea. Everyone seems to be in love with David’s Tea and all of the magical flavours and clear travel mugs and all I can do is wonder why I would want my tea to taste like birthday cake. I don’t want to drink birthday cake… I want to eat it. In cake form.

2. Why Everyone Loves Breaking Bad. Guys, I watched every episode. I still don’t get why everyone thinks it is so intense.  Although I think the series was wrapped up well, I found most of the episodes rather boring and repetitive.

3. The excitement over iOS 7.  I thought it was just a software update that most people ignore, like iTunes updates. When I open that, I’m like, “No thanks.  I do not wish to update from version 9.7.7  to version 11.5.3. That would just take time and it seems pointless.” I was a little thrown off when Twitter blew up with excitement from a software update for phones. I mean come on guys, cool your jets… they changed the icons.

4. Instagram. I don’t have it.  I really just can’t be bothered to know what Girl A’s Starbucks order was this morning or what Girl B’s ‘Outfit of the Day’ is. I don’t know what is so #fascinating or #interesting about #pictures with #twelve #hashtags.

5. Why People Think Pinterest Projects Are Easy. I’ve tried the odd DIY project off of Pinterest. They seemed easy enough… Well guess what? All I have to show for it is a ruined canvas that is hiding in my closet and some painted wine bottles that look terrible and occupy the floor of my closet… beside the ruined canvas.

6. Why People Request the Final Stop on the Bus Route. The announcement actually says, “Billings Bridge Station. Last Stop.” I promise you, the bus driver will stop to let you off the bus.

7.  Why People Feel the Need to Share Every Update in Their Life. Does the world really care about your cat or what you ate for dinner? No. But you post about it anyway.  I don’t understand why we do that… For example, why am I posting this list? This benefits no one.

8. Why Tim Horton’s on Campus Only Has One Cash Open in the Morning.  University students need coffee before 8:30am classes. Having only one till open is just stupid. I have to take an earlier bus just to get coffee before class.  And yes, I know I could make coffee at home, but then I would have to carry around a travel mug all day. Not interested.

If you’re reading this, you must be even more bored than I was when I started writing this list. You poor soul. Go do whatever it is you’re procrastinating right now.