Step One

This is the third summer that I have said I am going to start a blog.  Today, I decided that it was about time I got around to it.  I always figured writing the first post would be the most difficult part, but I was wrong.  The most difficult part would be actually setting up the blog.

Apparently, WordPress isn’t like Facebook or Twitter.  You don’t just type in your information, choose a profile picture and start looking for people to receive updates from.  No… with WordPress, you type in your email, username and password and when you advance to the next screen, it’s pick a theme, set up menus, something about links, something else about categories and another thing about widgets.

After looping around through menus that led to other menus about personalizing and customizing my blog, I realized starting a blog is more complicated than I expected. So, I’m taking it step by step.  I decided the first one would be to create a post.

Step One: Complete.